Конспект урока по английскому языку в 6-м классе по теме: Shop till you drop

  • Гончарова Антонина Михайловна, учитель английского языка


  • развитие иноязычной коммуникативной
    компетенции средствами английского языка;
  • совершенствование владения разными видами
    монолога и диалога;
  • развитие умений обобщать и систематизировать
    знания по теме и делать сообщения;
  • расширение объема знаний о социокультурной
    специфике страны изучаемого языка;
  • развитие умения переносить полученные знания в
    новую ситуацию;
  • развитие таких качеств, как самостоятельность,
    инициативность, самооценка.

План урока.

1. Орг. момент. Целеполагание

2. Речевая зарядка

3. Защита проектов по теме “ Shop till you drop.”

4. Итоги урока.

Ход урока.

I. Орг. Момент.

— Good morning. I am glad to see you. How are you?

— I am fine. Thanks.

— I am glad that you are in high spirits. As for me I am all right too. Yesterday I
went shopping. I’ve bought the CD “English from A till Z”. I am sure that we’ll
use this computer game at our lessons. What was your last shopping experience? Were you

— As you have guessed we’ll devote our lesson to a very interesting topic. What is

— The topic of our lesson is “ Shop till you drop.”

— I have found a nice English proverb. I think it will be a very good motto of our
lesson. Let us guess it and play Odd one out. Which word in the following groups is

  • Beef, pork, never, poultry
  • Bun, buy, roll, rusk
  • Caviar, herring, pig, salmon
  • Tin, jar, can, poke (Never buy a pig in a poke.) Пословица
    появляется на экране. (См.Приложение1,
    слайд 2)

— Do you know the Russian equivalent of this proverb?

— What are your plans for the lesson?

— ————

— I hope your expectations will be satisfied today.


  • Our life is impossible without shops and shopping. Do you agree with me?
  • Why do we go shopping? What for?
  • Are you a shopping fan?
  • How often do you go shopping?
  • Does your mother give you a free hand in choosing your clothes?
  • Can you spend your money wisely?

Today is our final lesson devoted to this topic. Let’s sum up. What you have already
spoken about.

Finish the sentence…

— What is the main goal of our lesson?

— You are right. It’s the presentation of the projects. I have the burning desire to
listen to your projects. If I’m not mistaken you have prepared 5 projects. What are

    • “Music shop”
    • “Shops in Britain”
    • “Buyer Tips”
    • “A shop I would like to run”
    • “A shopping center “Dream”

Who will start? I have prepared a contest for you and the winner of it will start our
presentations. I need one participant from each group.

Look at the screen. Say at what shops you can buy the following…

(См. Приложение1, слайд

One more contest for you. Make a circle. Throw a toy to your rival and say a word. The
topic is “food-stuff”.

Kate, you are the winner and so, we are ready to listen to your presentation.

III. The presentation of the projects.

A Shopping center “Dream”

— I am an architect of the center.

— I am a designer of it.

— I am a manager of the center.

(На доске картина с изображением торгового

For people who value their time and money the best shopping is in our shopping center

In our center you can find most of the shops. The most popular shop is our supermarket
“A sweet life” where you can buy different things at once. It’s a big self–service
shop. The buyers go from counter to counter selecting and putting into a basket or trolley
the goods they want to buy. There are a lot of departments here. At the dairy you can buy
milk, sour cream, butter, cheese, cottage-cheese, yougurt. At the bakery we have a rich
choice of rolls, white and rye bread, buns, rusks and so on. They are always fresh and
tasty. At the confectionery we sell sweets, chocolate, cakes, biscuits that make every
child’s mouth water.

At the fishmonger’s you may buy various kinds of fish: smoked fish, herring, tinned
fish, caviar and what not. At the butcher’s there is a wide choice of meat, poultry,
sausage, frankfurters, ham. If you want to buy flowers you may visit our florist’s. I
recommend you to visit our key shop. At chemist’s shop you can get patient medicines of
all kinds, including tablets, cough –mixtures, aspirin, pills, bandages, hot water
bottles, tooth paste and other things.

There is a tea–room, a cafй and a restaurant in our center. There is a room where
you can write letters and a post- office to post them.

You will also find a room where you can rest if you are tired. There are men’s and
women’s hairdressers. If you are with someone who doesn’t want to do the shopping,
leave him at some of these places to have a rest or to watch people go by. We have got a
kennel for customers’ dogs. Most shops are open from 8am to 8 pm. There is a car park
near the center, where the customers can leave their cars. There are escalators in big
stores, which take customers to different floors. Our shops run a home delivery service.
You may order your purchase by telephone. You can see a beautiful square with flower- beds
and a fountain in the middle of our center. Our shopping center is European like. It’s
halls, shelves, adverts attract a lot of customers. Now our department store is open for
you. We invite you to visit our department store.


— May I help you?

— We are trying to find a birthday present for our friend.

— Yes. What exactly are you looking for?

— We are not sure, really. Perhaps you can help us.

— Right. I’ll show you some perfumes. What about this one?

— Oh, it smells awfully.

— Do you have Christian Dior, Lancome, Chanel perfumes?

— Certainly. Here you are.

— It’s great. How much does it cost?

-100 pounds.

— Good heavens! It costs a lot of money.

— Oh, it is too expensive.

— Then I can recommend you different kinds of lipsticks and lip gloss, hairsprays,
mascaras, eye shadow, creams, deodorants, eye pencils, nail polish. Look at this nice
make-up bag.

— Oh, yes. It’s very beautiful.

— I think it will be a very nice present.

— We’ll take it.

— Here you are. Come again.


— What can I do for you?

— Oh, I’ve caught a cold. And now I’ve got a sore throat and I’m sneezing and

— I am sorry to hear that.

— What would you recommend to buy?

— Take this cough- mixture, vitamins and aspirin.

— All right. How much are they? How do I take this medicine?

— Take one tablet three times a day after meal.

— I hope you get better soon.

— Thanks a lot.

– Dear customers! Will you help us to advertise this Oriflame lipstick, apples and

(Реклама товара)


Oh, it’s so tasty. It’s sweet like a honey. How beautiful they are. If you want to
be healthy eat more fruit. They have so many vitamins. An apple a day keeps a doctor away!


– Why are you crying, my dear?

– I’ve lost my doll.

– Don’t cry! Look! What I have bought in our shopping center “ Dream”

– It’s a nice toy boot.

– It’s not only a toy. Open it and you can find a lot of delicious sweets. It’s a
firework of tastes

– It’s a surprise…one, two, three. Thank you mummy.

Make your children happy! Buy these cheap and tasty candies.


If you want to be beautiful, attractive, charming, cool, goodlooking, nice, buy this
lipstick Oriflame.

    • High quality
    • Super low prices
    • Brilliant design
    • Bright colours are the main features of our lipstick.

Oriflame is the best lipstick’s name.

A Shop I Would Like to run (макет автомагазина)

Frankly speaking I adore cars. I am interested in different kinds of vichels. I read
about different models of cars. I have got a lot of motoring magazines and a collection of
toy cars. I hope that I’ll have my own car or may be my own shop in the future. I’ve
made a model of a motor –car shop “Wheels”

The motto of my shop is: “ Apply today, drive off today”

We offer a complete selection of new cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, vans,
trailers and so on. You can select the models: Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Dodge, Ferrari,
Ford, Honda, Hummer, Land Rover, Lincoln, Lexus, Rolls-Royce, Subaru, Suzuki and many

If you want to buy a car don’t fall in love with only one car! Being able to choose
and compare different cars and several factors including the features, benefits and costs
to make the best buying decision.

Look at this wonderful model.

It is a 4-door car. It has MFI Engine, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Alarm,
CD Changer, CD player, Leather Seats, Navigation system, Power Windows and Locks, Side Air
Bags. It’s not very expensive and economical. The most popular car among our customers
is “Audi S4” It is made in Germany. You will spend your money wisely if you buy a car
at the motor – car shop “Wheels”.

Music Shop (макет магазина в форме

— Are you fond of music?

— Do you like to sing?

— Can you play musical instruments?

We are glad that you are lovers of music. So, you are welcome to our Music Shop. It is
situated in Glinka street in the center of the city. You can find our shop without
difficulties because it’s an unusual building.

It looks like a drum. It’s a brilliant design.

Searching for music? Visit our shop! We have a lot of departments where you can find
everything you need. On the ground floor there is a department of musical instruments.
Here you can buy trambones, trumpets, wind instruments, clarnets, flutes ….

In this Audio &Video Accessories department you can choose CD, cassettes, audio and
video cassettes with dance, metal, pop, disco, hip hop, world opera, rock-an roll, rap and
many other types of music to suit your taste.

There is a wide choice of audio cassettes with songs for little boys and girls even in
English. Let’s listen to one of these songs and sing it with us. (Поют

You сan buy different models of tape recorders, CD players, microphones, Karaoke
systems and other Disco Equipment.

Prices are music to your ears. In this department you can find different kinds of books
about music and famous composers and notes of well-known symphonies and so on.

We have got a special place where we organize meetings and parties with famous singers,
composers and other musicians. Our customers can also perform here. Would you like to play
one of our musical instrument? (Велькин М. играет на

Do you like rap? Here is our food rap. Try to say the missing rhyming words.

Food Rap.

    • Hi, my name is Pam

I like eating ….(jam)

    • My name is Leese,

I like to eat … (cheese)

    • My big brother Jake

Is fond of … (cake)

    • And my sister Bunny

Eat too much …(honey)

    • This girl is Lola

She likes drinking … (cola)

    • And this boy is Fred

He likes eating … (bread)

Buyer Tips


— Don’t fall in love with only one thing! Being able to choose and compare different
things you want to buy.

— Try to be rational and economical.

— Try to follow some rules of behavior while shopping: First of all it is necessary to
make a shopping list of what we need. Then you should calculate how much your purchases
would cost and take this very sum of money with you. The third rule tells that we
shouldn’t be hungry while shopping, a hungry person buys the things his stomach dictates
to buy, not thinking about prices.

— If you want to save your time and get goods of high quality you may use a very good
service called Postal Market. You have just to look through a catalogue, choose the things
you like, order them and wait a little to get them. Fill in the Customer Selection Form.

Catalogue№ quantity description Selling price

— On – line shopping makes it possible to find exactly what you want at the best
price, saving both time and money.

-Do you know the difference in sizes between Russia, Great Britain and the USA? Make
use of the following table.

Shops in Britain

Computer presentation.

(См. Приложение1,
слайды 5-16)


-Children, I’m so pleased with your projects. They were very interesting and
informative. Well done. Do you agree with me? Did you like the projects? You have a chance
to put your marks to the projects of your classmates and to your own project. (Выставляют

Be lucky while doing shopping.