Блюм Вадим, эссе

Nowadays some people think that children should choose which subjects they want to study by themselves. However, there are some people, who disagree with this opinion. This issue claims a discussion.

   As for me, I think that children should be allowed to choose subjects by themselves. Firstly, students will study chosen subjects harder and deeper, because they are interested in them. Secondly, pupils will not be distracted by useless subjects, so they would have more time for subjects, they have chosen. Finally, students will not get bad marcs at exams in subjects, they do not need.

career. Moreover, students can choose easiest subjects just to do nothing and it will not help them in the future.

Nevertheless, I do not share this position. I think that parents will help children to choose right subjects. As well, parents will help to choose not only interesting, but necessary in the future life subjects too.